Joy Undiluted, LLC. is a multi-faceted business enterprise whose website, app and directory are driven by a strong belief in the pursuit of our collective soul mission. This mission is best described through our mission and vision statements:

MISSION STATEMENT: To help others achieve greater joy on their journey through life. Sharing all that is positive and possible in regard the mind, body and soul, while enhancing personal connections with others. We will thoughtfully and intentionally provide valuable, helpful and relevant insight and information on all things related to achieving authentic happiness.
VISION STATEMENT: Imagine a place where you can go to learn, explore and grow in ways you’ve never imagined. A place in which ego, negativity and judgement have no forum to cloud your vision or divert your peaceful, abundant, joyful journey. A place in which the term self-centered translates to self-love, self-awareness, enjoying yourself, being yourself, and simply becoming the happiest version of “you”. A place where you can connect, engage, share, and grow.

JOY Undiluted platforms include:



  • JOY Undiluted app (free download in the App Store and in Google Play)

People all over the world are seeking inspiration, personal transformation, and guidance. Through three connected platforms we market the services, products, content and events of mind/body/soul coaches, healers, and practitioners on a global scale. Our members become connected to our expanding audience, and amplify their own marketing efforts by reaching three connected, yet unique audiences.


We raise awareness of mental wellness related initiatives, and practices, by collaborating with individuals, businesses, and organizations at the local and global level. 



We have created a one of a kind marketing opportunity for mind/body/soul coaches and practitioners, as well as  platforms for those seeking guidance, and transformation to gain information and assistance.

Linda Strauss Anderson

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Linda Anderson is a Life Empowerment coach and a long-time explorer and seeker of self and soul empowerment. A graduate of Holistic Learning Centers, Linda has a double certification as an Advanced Skills Life Coach and Spiritual Life Coach. She is board certified and accredited as a Holistic Health Practitioner through AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) and has participated in many workshops/retreats with regard ‘moving beyond the ego’ - moving away from our false negative beliefs and coming into the soul truth about ourselves. 

Kendra McComb

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Kendra McComb is a marketing professional and entrepreneur whose desire for personal growth, enlightenment and meaningful connections with others led her to Linda and JOY Undiluted. She finds great JOY in her relationships with her two boys, many friends and family members, and business associates. And becomes literally giddy while traveling, shopping and entertaining with those same beautiful souls.  

Perhaps most importantly, we consider ourselves heart and soul driven entrepreneurs, whose efforts are guided by collaboration, kindness, appreciation, love and JOY. 

Connect, collaborate, and share with us... we can't wait to hear from you!

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